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Statement on the Covid-19 Virus situation
Here at Perceptia Press, we are keen to play our part in helping teachers and learners through the current crisis. We are now putting flipbook editions of the first few units of our books online to help teachers and students. Please click here to visit our online flipbook page. (If the book you are using is not listed, or if you require any other help or advice, please get in touch.)

Other news
Perceptia Press continues to stay ahead of the curve with innovative and important new resources. Bored with conventional textbooks? Why not Escape the Classroom with Fiona Wall Minami's new book of the same name. Filled with puzzles and brain-teasers of all kinds, this book will truly motivate your students (don't worry, answers are supplied!). Another important book is Helping Matters, part of our series on the caring professions, this one dedicated to social workers. Covering topics like care for refugees, palliative care, and domestic violence, we hope this book by Vikki Wiliams, Mellisa Ogasawara, and Chris Horne will push back boundaries. Also new is a comprehensive CLIL book on Applied Linguistics, Linguistic Soup by Richard Caraker. Finally, Brad Perk's Life Lessons is a new video book about cross-cultural issues (currently in pilot version only).

For more information or sample copies, please use the links above. Please note that teacher's guides for most books are available free on request. Please email us for details.

Octopus Activities Cover
ESC Cover
The Great Debate
Why Can't
                  Elephants Jump?
Scraps Octopus Activities Escape The Classroom
Any Questions The Great Debate
Why Can't Elephants Jump?
ITDS Cover
Inspired to Write cover
Conversation Master
Scraps Cover
A World of
                      Difference Cover
                  Plus Cover 
In the Driver's Seat
Inspired to Write Conversation Master Shizuoka Dreaming A World of Difference

Taking Issue

Discuss Plus
Connections Cover
Therapy Care Image
Helping Matters Cover
English Care Bedside Manner Beginner Bedside Manner EatWell Therapy Care
Helping Matters Nursing Care
Stepping Out Cover
Media English Cover
Writing a Graduate Thesis in English Cover
Academically Speaking Cover
Linguistic Soup Cover
Connections Cover
A Way With Words Media English Writing a Graduate Thesis in English Academically Speaking Linguistic Soup
Door to Door Suitcase
LSS Cover
An Introduction to Ancient Greece
Introduction to Ancient Rome
Explain It
Real Reads Cover
Life Lessons Cover
Land of Song & Story An Introduction to Ancient Greece An Introduction to Ancient Rome Explain It Real Reads Good Question Life Lessons (Pilot)
In Hot Water Cover
                    Run Image
OG Cover
Reaching For Cover
Taking Leave Cover
In Hot Water  Home Run The Tale That Wags Old Grammarians Good Teacher, Better Teacher Reaching Out Taking Leave
English Between Friends Book 1
English Between Friends 2
I Am Me!
Connections Cover
                  Right Cover
The World at Work 1 (Basic) The World at Work 2 (Intermediate) English Between Friends Book 1 English Between Friends Book 2 I Am Me Connections Write Right!
Stepping Out Cover
Word Cover
PowerPoint Cover
TM Cover

  Frames Stepping Out Word Excel PowerPoint The Technical Matrix



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